David Hermoso

Front-End developer


I love
travelling, reading,and technology.

Hi! I’m David, from Mallorca, currently living in Madrid.
I’m a front-end developer, passionate for building easy-to-use and beautiful user interfaces.
Technology has been the most of my life my biggest hobbie.
Travelling, enjoying summers at the beach, and reading are my passions too.

Some published Apps

I published 2 apps the Google Play Store.

They’re built using HTML, CSS and Javascript and phonegap to make them hybrid apps.
They haven’t many downloads, but I could learn a lot while I was coding them.

Real Oviedo: HistoriaStone Paper Scissors Lizard Spock
See some of my work!

My daily VCS to collaborate with my teammates is Git.

I have some personal projects, experiments, and tutorials excesices hosted in GitHub.

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Latest posts

Teaching / helping anothers is a great way to learn and to focus on key concepts.
It’s a good way to know another developers around the world, and learn from them, too.

I’d like to write about what I learn, experiments, tutorials, etc. in case it can help someone.

Different devices loading QuiddKids

Load different components according to device in Angular.

It’s not actually a secret. I use the CanActivate interface of Angular. You can already close. 🙂 Oh! You kept reading! Thanks! So… I have a component that uses angular-maps.[…]

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Developers coding

I took part in the Ryanair Spark challenge

This month Josep Arpí Vallès, Flor Mejía Alvarez, Sergio Ortiz Torrijos, David Cuesta Castro and me took part in the Ryanair Spark challenge from Madrid. We were 24 hours working in our own idea (that is obviously confidential).[…]

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Sòller tram to Port de Sòller

Towns you should visit in Mallorca I

I’d like to write some posts about Mallorca (what to do, what to visit, some excursions, etc.) I’m starting with this one: ‘Towns you should visit in Mallorca‘. I hope[…]

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