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Different devices loading QuiddKids

Load different components according to device in Angular.

It’s not actually a secret. I use the CanActivate interface of Angular. You can already close. ūüôā Oh! You kept reading! Thanks! So… I have a component that uses angular-maps. When a map marker is clicked, another component with the item details is opened. The URL is changed to provide deep linking to map items.…
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Developers coding

I took part in the Ryanair Spark challenge

This month¬†Josep Arp√≠ Vall√®s,¬†Flor Mej√≠a Alvarez,¬†Sergio Ortiz Torrijos,¬†David Cuesta Castro¬†and me¬†took part in the Ryanair¬†Spark challenge from Madrid. We were 24 hours working in our own idea (that is¬†obviously confidential). It was a great chance to work with teammates I don’t usually do. I learnt about AWS, Serverless architecture, Bussiness and User Interfaces thanks to…
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Sòller tram to Port de Sòller

Towns you should visit in Mallorca I

I’d like to write some posts about Mallorca (what to do, what to visit, some excursions, etc.) I’m starting with this one: ‘Towns you should visit in Mallorca‘. I hope you liked it and it’s useful to be an introduction to Mallorca. In Mallorca, there is a mountain range called ‘Serra de Tramuntana’ that it’s…
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Kanban board full of post-its

Kanban VS Scrum

Once, I heard teammates comparing Kanban and Scrum in terms of ‘better’. I could not get into this debate, because I didn’t have worked with both of them. In my first job working in an agile environment, We used Kanban. I just listened and tried to compare what the ‘scrum-defender’ was saying to my day-to-day…
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