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I took part in the Ryanair Spark challenge

This month Josep Arpí Vallès, Flor Mejía Alvarez, Sergio Ortiz Torrijos, David Cuesta Castro and me took part in the Ryanair Spark challenge from Madrid. We were 24 hours working in our own idea (that is obviously confidential). It was a great chance to work with teammates I don’t usually do. I learnt about AWS, Serverless architecture, Bussiness and User Interfaces thanks to…
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Kanban board full of post-its

Kanban VS Scrum

Once, I heard teammates comparing Kanban and Scrum in terms of ‘better’. I could not get into this debate, because I didn’t have worked with both of them. In my first job working in an agile environment, We used Kanban. I just listened and tried to compare what the ‘scrum-defender’ was saying to my day-to-day…
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