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Sòller tram to Port de Sòller

I’d like to write some posts about Mallorca (what to do, what to visit, some excursions, etc.)
I’m starting with this one: ‘Towns you should visit in Mallorca‘.

I hope you liked it and it’s useful to be an introduction to Mallorca.

In Mallorca, there is a mountain range called ‘Serra de Tramuntana’ that it’s awarded World Heritage by UNESCO. (

So… I think it’s worth to visit the beautiful towns that stands within it.


Sòller is a town located in the northwest of the island. It’s in a valley (‘Vall de Sòller’) rounded by mountains that make up its beautiful landscapes. It’s near the sea, what makes it, with its port, ‘Port de Sòller’ one of the most beautiful towns or regions in Mallorca.

As I said, it’s in a valley, so it’s kind of isolated by the mountains and surrounded by nature. So to get to the valley by car, you have 2 options:

  1. Passing a tunnel under the mountains.
  2. Through the mountain pass (Coll de Sòller), with many curves. (It’s actually beautiful due to the landscapes).

It depends of the length of your trip, but if you have time, and it’s your very first time in Mallorca, I’d strongly recommend you to go to Palma and enjoy an excursion that leaves no one indifferent.

If you have already been to Mallorca some times, I’d actually recommend you to stay some days (if possible) in Sòller. Keep reading to know why.

From Palma, you can take an electric train that preserves the machinery and wagons of the twentieth century. (
Its route runs through the beautiful landscapes of the Sierra de Tramuntana.
Halfway through the route, the train makes a 15 minute stop in the middle of the mountains so that passengers can admire the beauty of seeing the town of Sòller and its oranges’ fields from a elevated perspective.

Once in Sòller, there are a plenty of things to visit: Some modernist buildings, a gothic church and halls dedicated to Joan Miró and Picasso.

Gothic church at Sòller.

Get lost in the city center of the town. When you are tired, sit down to enjoy the ice creams made in Sòller. They are really good and natural.

Sòller downtown

If you can set up your visit some time in advance maybe you’d like to go on Saturday, market day from 8:00 to 14:00.

There is a lot of information out there about what to do in Sòller that it’s worth to read in order to prepare your visit


You can take an electric tram whose service started in 1913.Sòller tram to Port de Sòller

It will take you to ‘Port de Sòller’, the port of Sòller.

You can swim in the beach and have lunch (specially delicious rices and seafood) in one of its multiple restaurants.

If you are staying some days in Sòller or in ‘Port the Sòller’, have a walk near the beach at sunset time.
Specially if it’s a romantic trip with your partner.

From ‘Port de Sòller’, it’s great to take a boat that will take you to Sa Calobra. It’s a cala formed by the river mouth of the Torrent the Pareis, that is a natural canyon with walls of about 200 meters high. There is a small tunnel excavated in the rock that will take you to some restaurants and souvenirs.

That’s all for today with Sòller.



In summary

  • Sòller is a nice town within mountains, but near the sea, with its own port.
  • You can get by car or by train which is the best option, if you’ve never been in Mallorca, and you can spend the whole day.
  • Great plan to do is: Train to Sòller, tram to ‘Port the Sòller’.
  • Extra plan: Boat to ‘Sa Calobra’, a great shingle cala.

Disclaimer: I’m not a travel expert. Since I’m not, this post intends to be more an opinion than a real ‘guide’ of what to do in Mallorca. Aside from that, Mallorca has lots of great plans todo and beautiful places to visit.

Some useful links:

Map with all the things I have talked about in this post.

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